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CDMI +12

Feb 2015

This CDMI + 12 report tracks progress against the 2013 baseline and provides the first, comprehensive, longitudinal measure of NHS progress on digitisation over a 12 month period.

In November 2013, we published the baseline Clinical Digital Maturity Index, the first benchmark of the relative digital maturity of all English NHS acute trusts.

Based on the EHI Intelligence Database, the CDMI captures the presence of key administrative and clinical systems in acute trusts, and so provides a unique resource for analysing their digital maturity at a national, regional, trust and system level.

It identifies the trusts that have made the biggest moves up the CDMI trust ranking table and analyses some of the significant contract, policy, finance, and supplier developments of 2013-14 that have fed into trust decisions to change or implement key systems.

A year on from the publication of the first CDMI report, the digital maturity of trusts has improved.

Better data, increasing use

A major trend in year one has been the number of trusts that have deepened their engagement with the CDMI. The online service is now widely used by the NHS, resulting in regular updates to the data it holds.

CDMI data is now validated and checked with trusts on a rolling basis, and EHI Intelligence updated 27,100 data points over the year covered by this report.

Meanwhile, publication of the CDMI ranking table has given trusts a clear incentive to improve their ranking, with clinical commissioning groups referencing the need to improve digital maturity in operational plans and information sharing projects.

NHS trusts have also published formal documents and strategic plans that mention the CDMI ranking table and put forward actions for moving up it.

The big picture, highlights and trends to watch

The report provides a commentary on the big picture in digital healthcare and picks out key highlights from the number of significant contractual, policy, financial and supplier developments that have influenced trusts in changing or implementing the systems included within the CDMI, together with the systems and techs to watch in 2015 and beyond.

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