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A market adoption and benefits analysis of US patient portals and personal health records.

Aug 2015

US research associate Lindsey Birnsteel examines the experience of three US healthcare providers that are making extensive use of patient portals, personal health records, and associated digital services, draws lessons for the UK, and introduces the Digital Patient Maturity Index.

There is growing interest in the UK in giving patients access to their personal health records, enabling them to book appointments, pick up repeat prescriptions and conduct other transactions online, and encouraging them to take greater control of their care.

A range of patient portal, personal health record, and other digital services are being trialled. But the US is further down the road, with large providers already making extensive use of these services.

This report examines the experience of Kaiser Permanente, Ochsner Health System and Boston Children’s Hospital, and draws lessons for the UK. A further, UK-focused report will follow in the autumn.

The US patient portal and personal health record report also introduces a new Digital Patient Maturity Index that seeks to capture both the services offered and the benefits recorded by healthcare organisations.

The DPMI joins the acute Clinical Digital Maturity Index and Mental Health Digital Maturity Index compiled and maintained by Digital Health Intelligence, and will be developed further as a benchmark of the relative maturity and benefits of patient-facing digital health services. 

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