Digital Health CCIO Survey Report, 2016

Feb 2017

The CCIO Survey Report, 2016 is based on the third annual survey of CCIOs on the skills, experiences and challenges of the role. The results of the survey were used to inform the 2016 Wachter Review, which identified the CCIO role as critical to NHS digitisation. The report provides an insight into how the CCIO audience works and the challenges they need support with; highlights the growing acceptance of how crucial the role is to enable the clinical benefits of digitisation to be achieved; illustrates the roles that CCIOs today are playing and the direction of travel and the support networks and career progression needed to further embed this role within the NHS.

The CCIO survey 2016 is a systemic attempt to understand the demands of the CCIO role and scope for future development in the eyes of the CCIOs. The CCIO role is a new one and the responses from the survey indicate that although they may lack support and time resources in this role, CCIOs are highly motivated and enthusiastic in their positions.
Just based on the number of responses to this survey, it is clear that the CCIO Campaign that was launched in 2011 has been a success. However, like many new posts, organisations themselves do not quite know how to best integrate CCIOs within their organisational structure.
The 2016 CCIO survey highlights how far the emerging role of CCIO has come in the last four years, but also some of the challenges the role’s further development faces. The CCIO role is usually held by senior clinicians who are established in their careers. However, the survey highlights that CCIOs are often working on their own, or with little wider organisational support, to drive forward the
embedding of clinical requirements, expertise and workflows into digital initiatives.
The newness of the role itself means that there is as yet no clear career path or development plan for more junior clinicians to work towards becoming the next generation of CCIOs.
Despite the challenges faced, the growing CCIO community is taking steps to develop support and collaboration networks to further define the role and enable the sharing of best practice. The CCIO Network will continue to provide a platform for the development of the role.
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