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CDMI+36 - On track for paperless?

Apr 2017

CDMI+36 plots the path to a paper-free NHS by 2020. Will NHS acute trusts meet the Paperless by 2020 target? It is three years since the launch of Digital Health’s Clinical Digital Maturity Index (CDMI), the NHS-specific comparative benchmark of hospitals’ adoption of clinical systems that has since been widely used to inform tech fund awards, digital maturity assessments and global digital exemplar selections. The CDMI+36 report provides an unparalleled view of technology adoption trends nationally, regionally and within individual acute trusts, based on the four annually collected data points now available. Based on the only data set of its kind available for the UK health IT market, CDMI+36 provides valuable insights to both suppliers and NHS organisations.

- Find out what systems will meet the Paperless by 2020 targets, and which are falling behind

- Read our predictions for when key digital systems will achieve full market adoption

- Get an insight into the winners and losers in supplier market share since the end of NPfIT

- Identify market trends and opportunities by technology segment, region, and trust digital maturity

- Understand the big picture in the digital maturity of English acute trusts and how it has changed over the last three years

- Find out which trusts have seen the biggest rise in digital maturity over the last three years

- Read detailed case studies that show the systems implemented and the suppliers chosen for the CDMIs top trust movers

- Get detailed insight into the clinical systems with the most rapid rate of adoption over the last three years

- Read Digital Health’s predictions on the likely impact of Strategic Transformation Plans and Global Digital Exemplars on future digital maturity and health IT spending priorities

- Future-proof your plans with an exclusive insight into the systems and technologies to watch beyond 2017.

CDMI+36 is available to Gold and Platinum subscribers to Digital Health Intelligence, as well as NHS Intelligence for Networks subscribers.

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